Fear Is A Man Made Devil


I recently received the book “Outwitting the Devil” by Napoleon Hill. Written from a different standpoint than much of what I have ever read, I find that one of the constant themes, “Fear is a Man Made Devil“, an interesting one to contemplate.

Fear of ghosts? Fear of spiders? Snakes? Fear of death? I opted to not only finish the book, but look at some alternative explanations from a different context from which Hill was speaking, at least as I understood it.

Faith activates God – Fear activates the Enemy” states contemporary Christian Pastor Joel Osteen. From a spiritual perspective, the book actually made a lot more sense to me after looking for something related to the Fear is a Man Made Devil premise. Didn’t take a lot of research to find a ton of quotes, a few I will share, and the rest is for YOU to find!

I looked at Osteen’s quote, and realized he is exactly correct. When we walk in faith, it simply allows God to do what He wanted to do anyhow. I surmise that somehow when I walk in fear, of the unknown, of questions of the heart or the spirit, God determines I’m not ready due to lack of faith (fear that God may not be all knowing, all powerful?) and my fear allows so many distractions that it’s no wonder God cannot perform his work.

“For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. For perfect love casts out fear” (2Tim.1:7; 1Jn.4:18).

I think we, and I know I, most times get in our own way when it comes to fear and lacking the faith that God knows what He is doing. “What if” this or “what if” that…we can what if ourselves into fear quite easily, and I have been known to do it more often that I would care to admit. But the fact remains, that fear is a man made devil. Thought up in our own minds, ruminating there with all our questions, insecurities and doubts.

I for one take refuge that in nearly every case, I am the roadblock when it comes to fear, not the Lord. I can KNOW that He is God, and believe that His plans for me are better than my wildest dreams, or I can doubt, be distracted, and delay what He knows is in my ultimate best interests. I will continue with the errors of my ways, even after my research, but as I grow and learn and apply what God’s intention for my life is, I can rest in the fact that Father knows best!

Final note…if your knees are knocking in fear, fall on them, and pray to the God who made you. Courage just may be fear that has said it’s prayers.

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Easy, Real Easy Facebook Marketing Advice


If you are looking for advanced ninja type Facebook Marketing advice for your business or blog, this is not for you.  I am a Simple Networker.  If you want some Easy Facebook Marketing advice that anyone can do, especially a beginner, what follows will be simple, easy and will make a difference on how you use Facebook for marketing your online product or service.


Step One:  DON’T SPAM YOUR OWN WALL!  If you are already blanketing your personal Facebook wall with everything about your product, and I will use Unicorns for this example because hey, who doesn’t like Unicorns?  But if you will notice, over time, the “likes” and “comments” about your Unicorns, as awesome and rare as they might be, goes down.   If you are using your own personal page to make the best case for everyone owning a Unicorn, yes it will work for a short time.  All those interested will have obtained their Unicorn from you, and that’s great!  But, what we see all too often is that rather than post LESS about the Unicorns, people try to post MORE, and really, it becomes white noise and everyone tunes out.


Step Two:  USE YOUR WALL.  Well by golly, that sure seems directly opposed to Step One now doesn’t it?  Step One was put there because it’s one of the biggest mistakes we see, so something to be very aware of.  Step Two means yes, you can use your  wall to help promote those Unicorns!  By hitting several different layers of people who might be interested in your Unicorns, remember that your posts should include all those genres.  Some might want a pink one, some a purple.  Some might want an older one, some a young one.  Some might want to own Unicorns like you do, and maybe make a living in the Unicorn business as well.  By posting wisely, and hitting all areas of the Unicorn business, chances are you will have hit your target audience, and Unicorns will be flying out the door!  Facebook Marketing works.  Period.  BUT remember that it works best for getting that initial blast of information out there and to attract fellow Unicorn lovers.  If you don’t do other things, your audience will tune out.


Step Three:  GET A BUSINESS/FAN PAGE.  If you think about a “sales funnel”, it’s essentially layers that a person goes through to decide if Unicorns are their thing.  Your regular/personal Facebook page may not have much of anything to deal directly with Unicorns, other than to perhaps send those interested toward your business or fan page.  Your personal page would be level one of the sales funnel.  Personally engage with those who are your friends on Facebook, and eventually they WILL ask what it is exactly that you do.  Then, enter the business/fan page referral!  This is easy to do, and it is VERY lucrative especially when THEY are asking YOU about what is under the first layer.  The business/fan page can contain everything and anything about Unicorns.  Why?  Because the people who are there WANT to know everything about Unicorns.  This isn’t rocket science, this is simple, and is meant to be easy Facebook Marketing advice, not hard!


Step Four:  GET A BLOG.  By starting a blog, talking more in depth about Unicorns, their colors, their magical properties and what they like to eat best, it brands you as an authority on the subject.  And, posting links from time to time from your blog to your business/fan page drives traffic (and more interest in your Unicorns) back and forth between Facebook and your blog.  That can only be good for you!  You can get a free blog through WordPress, or you can get an easy to manage blog that is already pretty much set up for you at a minimal cost through Empower Network.  Advantage of this one is that it already ranks very high in Google, and with consistent posting it won’t be difficult in 6 months or less to be ranking high when people search for “Unicorns” through that Google search bar.  We know…it works for us.


Step Five:  LOOK FOR OTHERS WITH A NETWORK:  This is a big and very simple trick to make happen.  Look around at the friend suggestions Facebook gives you.  Look at the friends of other friends.  If you are wanting to increase your business, do you want to “friend” a person on Facebook that has 22 friends (small circle of influence) or would you rather “friend” someone who has 2200 friends on Facebook (a very large circle of influence).  This is so simple to do, it’s almost scary.  By making friends on Facebook who have a large network of friends already built in, if you can get that person to like and get that Unicorn from you, do you think it might be possible they could tell at least some of those 2200 friends about the awesome Unicorns you have?  See, I told you this was simple.  You can friend people with 22 friends, 10 a day, and at the end of the day you have a potential of 220 eyes that might be able to look at your Unicorn offers.  “Friend” others wisely, and you could easily have 22,000 eyes looking at that exact same offer.


Although these were basic steps to some simple and easy Facebook Marketing tips and tricks, they are vital to remember as you use Facebook for your online Marketing strategies.   Post, but not too much, hit the different genres, get a blog and look for others who have at least a network as big as, if not bigger than yours.

Simple strategies that when done over time help engage the most potential Unicorn buyers and, guess what, most of this can be done practically free!  We wrote another book about Facebook and it can be found HERE.  Between both posts, you will have a good handle on how to get your Facebook marketing efforts up running properly.


You Can’t Do That” said the People Who Never Will


I rather like it when people tell me “ You Can’t Do That ”.  I was never taught that I could achieve anything and I never listened to any self help feel good be your best you guru’s.  I just felt in my brain that when people say something is impossible, I take that as a challenge.


Later on in life, I find that much of my “Oh yes I can just watch me” attitude certainly stems from my competitive nature.  I think I was born with it, or taught it during cowboys and Indians on the playground perhaps but it stuck with me through adolescence and into adulthood.


I had people tell me “You have too many children” (we have 7), “you don’t have enough time”, “there’s no way you can fit that into your schedule and be successful at it”, “You Can’t Do That” but, time after time, through great time management and the sheer will to prove that I can, I do.


It is certainly not all about me let me be clear on that.  God blessed me in a few areas and I am certain as my next breath that he gave me those gifts to be used as he deems best.  The gift of overcoming obstacles and welcoming challenges and figuring out ways around the so called problems has simply always come easily to me.  The glory to God on that one.


I’ve also come to understand that some people say “You Can’t Do That” because they quite simply never will.  They had that small voice, perhaps a parent, grandparent or someone in their life, which made them subconsciously accept the position in life they were in AT THAT TIME IN THEIR LIFE.  The simply extended that from that time in their life, to the rest of their life.


I wish everyone could truly grasp that they can be as awesome as they WANT to be.  As awesome as they can be.  As awesome as God truly intended them to be, while silencing whatever voice they have repeating “You Can’t Do That” to them.  Many can, they simply don’t know that they can because they’ve accepted the drudgery of what no growth in their life can truly mean.


When people take it upon their own shoulders to grow as equally as they can emotionally, physically, intellectually and spiritually, I see them blossom into the person that I believe God intended them to be.  When they cannot, for whatever reason, overcome obstacles and produce growth in all areas of their life, it quite frankly saddens me.  I see them stop trying, and live the life that was NOT meant for them.


Later in life I did pay attention to a few gurus or whatever they deem themselves in their particular genre, and I often run across this one from Tony Robbins that I really like.


“Live life fully while you’re here.  Experience everything.  Take care of yourself and your friends.  Have fun, be crazy, be weird.  Go out and screw up!  You’re going to anyway, so you might as well enjoy the process.  Take the opportunity to learn from your mistakes: find the cause of your problem and eliminate it.  Don’t try to be perfect; just be an excellent example of being human”.  ~ Tony Robbins


I sometimes think of this when people say “You Can’t Do That”.  If I follow half of what he said, oh yes I can!  And, so can anyone else.

Guest Post from The Terminator Mom ~ “Offline Marketing and Your Sphere of Influence”.  

I once saw a book called “How to Win Friends and Influence People”. I didn’t read it. Probably should but I’m a stay-at-home mom whose only audience I need to influence is my 3 children…I may need to read that book after all…. Most of us would love to make a difference in life. How do we make that happen? It’s simple, really.  It has to do with your total Sphere of Influence.

BE THE EXAMPLE! Live the message you want to share. I know it sounds crazy easy, but trust me it is not, friends. In my experience, influencing people is by being someone or something that they aspire to be. For me, it’s about inspiring and educating people in fitness and nutrition through my own experience. I didn’t start out with that in mind; just lived the example and suddenly friends and family began to ask for advice. It is hard to constantly bring your “A” game but if you want to expand your sphere of influence you must be prepared to do the work, with a humble heart I might add.
There is a great philosophy that my husband and I live by and it’s called “Get by Giving”. How it works is we “give” of our time, money, support, friendship, et cetera and “get” in return. It may not always be what we hope to get, but it’s usually what God has deemed we need and He’s never steered us wrong. The old Golden Rule of “do unto others as you would have done unto you” is still effective today.

Most people want to give to those who have helped them in some way. Now it’s not a matter of payback or “well, I did you a favor now you owe me” kind of thing. There have been times we have given to others and have gotten nothing in return from them…BUT, we often find that we are blessed in some other area or the satisfaction of just helping another person is “get” enough. This is all truly Offline Marketing really, and it’s extremely effective and growing your Sphere of Influence!
Another tip on how to increase your sphere of influence is by word of mouth. Getting “referrals” from friends, family, and business acquaintances is HUGE in gaining leeway towards your “cause”. There is a balance though. Sometimes you can promote too much and it can be a detriment to your goals. Be yourself and share that with others. People take an interest in personal experiences. Trust me, I know.

And yes Online and Offline Marketing are different.  Utilizing social media like facebook and twitter can be a huge help in getting your name/message out there. Again, getting friends to “share” stuff with others can make a big difference in your success. Joining groups offline and online that are relative to your interests/business can help with networking too. For example, I love working out so I’m in several running groups and triathlon groups on Facebook. It not only helps motivate me and enables me to motivate others, but I have also made some incredible friends in the process. And ultimately, friends and family are the ones that support you the most!


Megan Boyer IS the Terminator Mom!  To learn more about fun, fitness, health and maybe even a thing or two about life with a unique twist, you can find it at www.TerminatorMom.com



Lance Armstrong and EPO = A Bad Combination


Lance Armstrong was once the brash, cocky face of American and Worldwide Cycling lore, and even in his hay days, most thought him just a genetically gifted by God and driven person that was born to burn the pedals.  Enter the world of EPO.


Who wouldn’t think this about Lance Armstrong?  7 Tour de France wins.  A then unbelievable accomplishment that upon his retirement, everyone knew would never be equaled.  A short explanation of EPO is in order, and essentially it is produced naturally by the body and is released through the kidneys acting to stimulate red blood cell production and thereby boost aerobic capacity.  Which of course is great for a cyclist.


In addition to various steroids, EPO, blood doping and lord only knows what else, Armstrong took a chance on not only winning, to the elevated degree, but on his long term health and one wonders if the cancer he so diligently fought off, could be a contributing factor to the malady he faced.


One cannot deny that Lance Armstrong is a driven man, from wanting to get the win so bad (and to equal the playing field as he told Oprah Winfrey, meaning most others were doing the same thing regarding enhancing their own performance) that he took the steps to win at all costs, to his interest in being a Tri-Athlete and the phenomenon known as “Live Strong”, it’s easy to see that when Lance sets his mind to his task, he will succeed.  No matter the cost.


In saying that Lance Armstrong is not a role model, although he should certainly be admired to a point for his desire to compete and win, winning should quite simply never overshadow the fair and equitable playing field that not only he, but so many others, should have been playing on.


Lance Armstrong is not the first, nor is he the last who will ever “cheat” to win a game, contest or sporting competition.  Players in the NFL, NBA, College Sports, Mixed Martial Arts and Boxing, simply name the sport, and there is a better chance than not that a good portion of the competitors are cheating with performance enhancing drugs.


When it comes to the almighty dollar, if a 5 percent edge means the difference between a league minimum in the NFL, or a 5 million dollar signing bonus to a kid just coming out of college and who was poor most of his life, that 5 million dollars can cloud a lifetime of good judgment and character.  Fans aren’t immune to the mystery of “why” either.  Most like to see the harder hits, the faster play and records falling in droves.


Yet something needs to give.  Either the sports and sport’s unions decide that doping is acceptable, which some seemingly almost do, and allow every athlete to participate in the pool, or come up with significant and meaningful repercussions for those that cheat.  Because nobody likes a cheater.   My Grandma taught me that.

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